Yellowstone River Levee Reconstruction and Pre-emptive Bank Stabilization, Livingston, MT.

Over 1,200 linear feet of historic levee built in the 1950-60’s on the Jumping Rainbow Ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana was jeopardized by erosion and near failure along the Yellowstone River.

The project team surveyed and collected field data to support a bio-engineered bank stabilization solution. PBR developed design specifications using natural analogs in the form of self armoring banks at the toe of glacial and alluvial terraces. This strategy incorporated large rounded native cobbles and boulders at the bank toe. These materials were placed and stabilized by washing in fine gravels, sands and silts. The upper banks were constructed with fabric encapsulated soil (FES) lifts inter-planted with live willow stakes for greater bank strength and roughness and for aquatic-riparian habitat enhancement.